Holiday 2023: Samara Joy

In celebration of the holiday season, Grammys Best New Artist Samara Joy debuts her new song, “Now and Then” exclusively on Here the singer steps into the spotlight in dazzling sequins, plush velvet, and more high-note-hitting styles.

This is the first song you’ve written yourself. What’s the inspiration behind it?

“The inspiration behind the new song “Now and Then” is the importance of honoring your mentors while they’re still here and even when they’ve passed on. The composition is written by a legendary musician and educator Barry Harris with my lyrics. I hope it is received by those who also feel the impact of mentorship and guidance in their own lives.”

This campaign was inspired by jazz icons of the past including Billie Holiday. What was it like shooting with Tyler Mitchell and channeling such iconic performers?

“Shooting with Tyler Mitchell was so great! I was nervous but everyone on set guided me through being able to channel that same kind of Billie Holiday glamour but with my own Samara style.

Each look I wore made me feel so empowered. The quality, the style, the structure—everything was on point.”

The holiday season is full of occasions, big and small. What’s your approach to getting dressed this time of year?

"I’m definitely a cozy girl, New York weather is a doozy! But when the setting is right and I’m singing a festive gig, I love to bring out the glamour."

And how do you like to dress when you’re recording vs. performing?

"In the studio, I’m all about comfort. But on stage and on the road, I have to bring pieces that are bright and stage worthy. Also, since there usually isn’t a lot of time to get ready. I like clothes that don’t require much ironing. It’s a challenge but, having been on tour for a few years now, I always look forward to any new pieces I come across."

Speaking of touring, you come from a family of artists and are now performing with them on tour. What is that experience like?

"It’s so amazing! The last time they all sang together in this way, I was still a baby. Now that I’m getting the wonderful opportunity of sharing my family and their incredible gifts with the world, I’m excited for everyone to hear!"

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